Saturday, July 5, 2008

On rogue robots and all...

I've meant to blog forever. Doesn't everyone say that? I'm always pulled back by the idea of people I know reading my thoughts and thinking I'm nuts or something. So, I'm trying to be over that and just write because I love to write. I discovered that picking a blog name is quite the task. My boys and I went to see "Wall-E" today and the phrase "rogue robots" is used throughout and it just caught my ear. I told them it would make a great band name, then in working on the blog - I thought what the heck... it could apply. I've always marched to my own drummer, so I guess rogue can work. And well, robots are just cool.

And speaking of robots, I loved that movie. Loved it. It was just a wonderful, sweet story with a love story, adventure, and good lessons for the kids throughout. I totally teared up at the end and if something had happened to that robot, I might have started bawling right there in AMC's theater 14. I think I've said 10 times today how much I just loved it. I wanted to take Wall-E home with me. Totally sucked into the Disney machine, we went right to the Disney store after the movie with the hope of getting a little Wall-E guy to indeed take home. Alas, they were sold out.

What else today... I'm online searching for patterns to knit little hats for preemie babies and realizing how truly limited my knitting skills are. Sigh. I'm trying to focus my creative energy and get working on projects I've intended to but not done. After our foray at the movie and the Disney store, I dragged the kids over to Joann's to get some supplies for a quilt I'm working on for a friend's baby and for another preemie project I'm going to start. So, progress is being made. Yay me. Even my cat, Fancy, thought she'd be helpful and get me going on my project.

So, this is my first random post. You can get a feel for how my brain works - all over the place!