Saturday, August 30, 2008

Changing My Libra Mind...

So, I changed my blog name. I did love the other, but I'm going to be working on selling some creations and my etsy shop is - okay, will be when I'm actually ready - Spirit Rising. I thought I should have names that go together. Anyway, I'm a Libra and being indecisive and changing my mind a billion times fits the bill!

On a sad note, my 12 y.o. son N.'s pet frog died yesterday and we had a little burial for her today. I sewed a little pouch for her out of froggy fabric and we buried her in the front yard. We're going to head out to find a little garden statue to mark her place. N.'s handling it as well as can be expected. It's hard for him to open up but, thankfully, he will come to me when it's too much and we'll talk and cry a bit. One thing I've learned over the years is how to deal with grief. There's a lesson I'd gladly give back.

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