Monday, October 20, 2008

Aliens Have Invaded!

Please say hello to our newest friends... Duopony & Lyle, straight from the book "Invasion of the Plush Monsters". They're the first furry creatures I've made and they came out pretty okay, if I do say! :) I had a bit of a learning curve with the fur, but they didn't take very long to make. Like the fool I am, I tried to sew Lyle on the machine with all my big thick layers of fur, horns, and fleece. Luckily, it occurred to me before I broke my machine that hand sewing would be the proper course of action. Another first was using clear, poly thread. Ah-hem. I have bad eyes.

Speaking of eyes, it's impossible to find good eyes around here. Joann's had 1 set of just brown eyes that worked, but weren't exactly what I wanted. I used buttons for Duopony's eyes instead. And the faux fur choices were slim pickin's. So, we worked with what we found (and was on sale)! I've got one more alien cut and ready to sew. (That sounds weird.) The invasion begins!

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