Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Crazy

For Christmas, I decided to be a crazy person. We had no money, even with me working a second job, so I had to sew. A lot. Did I get done everything I wanted to? Nope, not close. Here are some things I did finish... and please, forgive the photography, I was tired. I didn't get photos of everything, unfortunately. I also did a cool "Here There Be Monsters" stitched piece from Urban Threads, a penguin ornament from a Bad Bird design, BareRoots mini-stockings, a little knitted pouch for our Christmas Child box, and a pair of Pirate towels from designs by Urban Threads.

Quite an interesting array, eh? I've got a family of varied interests! It seems like there was more, but honestly, it's all a blur. Ask my husband about the Christmas money some time. That story will tell you all you need to know about my mental status at Christmas. :)

I also finally started my boys' quilts that I have wanted to do forever. E.'s is a "modified" Turning 20 using a book panel called "Meet the Moonbeamers" and is totally pieced, just needs a border and finishing. N.'s is a paper pieced bug jar quilt that I have literally had for oh, 8 years or so. I got going on it really well, then realized I made a mistake somewhere on the jar lids. Ugh. My friend, Barb, is such a good cheerleader and has gotten me going on these. She's a huge lifesaver (in more than just quilty ways)!

So, that's what I did during December. I had more I wanted to do, but had to accept defeat. I met my goal of everyone getting one thing at least.

Today, while E. did school, I stitched up my mom's birthday present - 2 weeks late. It's a Halloween penny rug by Wooden Spool. I think she'll like it. And yes, it's a Halloween piece for a December birthday - we like Halloween, what can I say. My camera was not liking the woolfelt and kept glaring on it. It's much cuter IRL. Really. :)

I hope to keep on this creativity streak. I've got a scrapbook I was commissioned to do that I really need to get started on. With working retail, hours get cut a lot so I've got a little more time on my hands. My house is a disaster but frankly, it overwhelms me so I'd rather do something creative. I' m no domestic diva that's for sure.

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